All new fiber network delivers gigabit internet services. High speed, super quick, meets the needs of gamers, video streamers, and businesses.

Internet Service –

Blue Fiber delivers the highest quality, most reliable broadband connections in the region. Using the all fiber network to connect your home to the world wide web, the services are un-matched. BFC will interconnect the client supplied router or wireless access point bringing speeds as listed below. Cost and availability are at the forefront of the customer experience.

Residential –

Data services provided. At this time email services are not to be offered. With access to public email services, the need to provide such is not anticipated. Static IP addresses are available upon request for an additional fee. The following is for a data only service offering:

  • Bronze – 25mb down / 25 mb upload data rate $25.00 / month
  • Silver – 100mb down / 100mb upload data rate $50.00 / month
  • Gold – 250mb down / 250mb upload data rates $100.00 / month
  • Platinum – 1Gb down / 500mb upload data rates $130.00 / month

Commercial/Business –

Synchronous data services provided. Static IP address are available upon request for an additional fee. Configurations for VLAN and VPN services shall be offered in conjunction with static ip addressing. No anticipated rate increases are scheduled within the data offerings.

• Silver Commercial – 100mb up/down $65.00 / month
• Gold Commercial – 500mb up/down $145.00 / month
• Max Commercial – 1Gb up/down (max network capacity) $300.00 / month

Dedicated Active Ethernet connections for commercial clients are available. These services are capable of providing up to 40Gb services.

Internet Transparency Disclosure