The delivery of VoIP dial tone services. Residential and commercial installation will provide a direct interface (RJ11) connection with existing phone services within facility. For more details on voice services see (put click link to Telephone page) Taxes and fees apply.

Residential Phone Service utilizes your existing corded and wireless phones within your home. Blue Fiber will interconnect with your existing phone wiring. Clients can keep their existing home or business numbers and step up to a service that works for you. As part of the telephone service package the following are included:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calling
  • Free Long Distance anywhere in the United States

All for only $25.00 per month plus taxes and fees.

We are pleased to offer Lifeline discounts on telephone or internet service. See: YTV Blue Fiber Lifeline Policies and Procedures.

Lifeline is a special government program that subsidizes the cost of voice or broadband for qualifying low-income households. The 2020 monthly subsidy is $9.25/month off our standard rate for any Blue Fiber internet service (silver, gold or platinum), or $5.25 off our standard rate for voice service.

Customers are free to opt for standalone voice service (without purchasing broadband).

Low-income households are eligible for only one Lifeline benefit, which may be applied to either voice or internet service.

Terms and Conditions apply. See the following documents for more details